2010 Cotham Sandwich Co.

Here’s where it all began. We opened Cotham Sandwich Co. back in 2010, a tiny little shop situated on Cotham road south. You can still visit there today so you can see for yourself where our journey started.


IN 2012 we decided to take a leap of faith with aims to branch out across all areas of Bristol. With this in mind the name Cotham Sandwich Co had to make way for its updated big brother “Sandwich Sandwich” Its catchy + effective. Our sandwiches taste so good we named them twice!

2013 Welcome to Baldwin Street.

In 2013 we took the plunge and opened what is now our flagship store situated on the corner of Baldwin St + Queen Charlotte St… A star is born. As well as one of our BS1 locations this has also become a catering control point for our office lunches.

2014 Our famous scotch eggs!

Now were getting into the juicy details… were not yolking. In 2014 our famous scotch egg was created. A soft boiled egg surrounded by the finest quality pork. Our secret crumb is what sets it out from the rest. 12 different herbs + spices make up this incredible coating. Where can you find the recipe? Well unfortunately its hidden behind a maximum security vault in the Bristol City centre.

2015 Catering

In 2015 Sandwich Sandwich naturally diversified into the world of office catering! Over the last 6 years we have steadily built up a large portfolio of customers and businesses who enjoy our lunch platters + sandwiches on a daily basis.

2016 Temple Way

In 2016 Sandwich Sandwich oped its first in house cafeteria in the mezzanine level of the Old Bristol evening Post building. We are always on the lookout for new premises within office blocks so if you believe your office needs a Sandwich Sandwich get in touch.

2018 Queens Road

In 2018 we opened our Queens rd shop which replaced our previous location on Park St. It is the perfect location to cater for Uni students, residential + office workers!

2019 The Jewel in our Crown.

In 2019 Sandwich Sandwich was voted The BEST independent sandwich retailer UK 2019. A wonderful accolade which we are all extremely proud of.

2020 Park Row

Our newest venture, Park Row, has unfortunately only been open for 2 weeks due to coronavirus! But we cannot wait to welcome everyone back again when the streets become thronging with students, office workers + shoppers!

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