Big London queues = slow service? Not necessarily

Using our pre-ordered London catering service to avoid the queues

Successful queues can inevitably lead to some disappointed customers. We always do our best to staff correctly and provide the best possible service. One of our considerations when catering in London, is to ensure all orders are pre-placed so we can have your food delivered straight to you, or ready to be collected at your preferred time.

Customers turn up in huge numbers, but we’re not willing to sacrifice on the quality of the product we provide. We want everyone to have a fantastic experience.

At Sandwich Sandwich, we have an insatiably high demand, and we never want to disappoint customers. By opting to use our catering service, you can ensure that your team get fed in record time and you receive the sandwiches you want!

Each sandwich is made with love and care by one of our meticulously trained staff, and we always want you to have the best experience possible.

Seeing how popular our product is brings us so much pride, and we can’t wait to share our delicious food offers with you.