The Art of Creating Perfect Catering Platters

The art of creating the perfect catering platter

We’ve been in the catering business here at Sandwich Sandwich for nearly a decade. Over the years, we’ve really developed the art of creating the perfect catering platter. We’ve outlined a few of the most important aspects

Variety: We know it’s not always possible to please everyone, but we give it a good shot by ensuring there’s plenty of choice on our platters!

Presentation: A beautifully presented catering platter is so important. It is said you eat with your eyes first, so making sure a catering platter visually stands out is key. Attention to detail is very important.

High-quality ingredients: Your food might look good, but if it falls short in the taste department, you won’t leave a lasting impression. High-quality ingredients ensure your catering platters will be fresh and flavourful.

Portion sizes: Making sure your catering platters serve the specified number of people, is exceptionally important. A platter that leaves people hungry fails at its fundamental job, that’s why we ensure our platters are carefully planned out.

Customisation: Being able to customise your catering platters whilst maintaining the aforementioned requirements, is key in being able to create the perfect catering platter. You must be able to be flexible to customers’ dietary requirements and tastes.

All of these aspects combined contribute towards creating the perfect catering platter. Here at Sandwich Sandwich, we pride ourselves on our consistency of hitting these every time.